The Journals of Raymond Brooks

It’s been a long time since I’ve chosen to be a writer. Can’t say it’s always been easy. Though despite every obstacle, failure and challenge along the way, I regret nothing.

This book was written at a time both great and terrible. I was studying B.A in English Literature at the time, determined to follow my dreams. However, I had no idea how to write a story and no clear indication of what I want to do with my life. It was great because it was a time of change and growth, a time of opportunity and hope.  It was terrible because of my many fears of success, of failure, of being criticized and reviewed.

Every time I received a positive review, or a ‘thank you’ letter, I was exhilarated. Some of the letters I received left me astounded at how words and stories can influence our lives. Every time I received a negative review, and I got quite of few of those as well, I just wanted to apologize for not living up to the reader’s expectations. And as God is my witness, I tried.

I’ve re-written the manuscript from scratch twice, after my Editor told me how terrible it was. I’ve then edited the book about twenty-five times, all amassing to years of tireless labor. I then hired the best editors I could find, to make sure the writing is adequate. Yet despite my efforts and through no fault of mine, the first edition was flawed. I’ve then hired the Author Lazlo Ferran to correct these flaws and thus the 2nd edition was born.

I do hope you’ll enjoy this book and perhaps leave an honest review. I’d very much appreciate it.


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The Journals of Raymond Brooks

Raymond Brooks was born a thousand years ago, an orphaned boy lost in a foreign land. When he died, his Journals were found exposing a secret history hidden from the world.

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