What I do

Though this isn’t a commercial site, I do work for a living and this may be the proper place to elaborate at what I do to support myself.

WordPress Site Building

For Authors looking to present themselves and their writing.

For Motivational Speakers and Lecturers.

For Businesses seeking online presence.

All my websites are fully responsive, optimized for search engines, SSL ready, and built graphically so that the client can easily update and maintain their own website without the need for a programmer.

Digital Marketing

For Authors looking to market their book professionally on Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook.

For Businesses of all varieties looking to market their products or website on google.

For Motivational Speakers and Lecturers on LinkedIn.

eCommerce Stores

Built on the Open Source WordPress + Woocommerce platforms, your store will always be yours.

Suitable for Small to Medium sized stores (few to several thousand products).

Literary & Stractural Editing

For Authors with a finished or in-progress manuscript.

Feel free to write me!

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