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The Journals of Raymond Brooks  9
                 immortal who has lived for a thousand years, willing to talk. Are
                 we going to talk about my health, favorite cinematics or about

                 stuff that matters?
                  "I don't think the audience has ever heard the story of people
                 living for thousands of years.” The interviewer said.
                  "Exactly" Jaunee added.
                  "Why  is  that?"  The  interviewer  asked  in  calmer  tones,
                 excitement replacing fear.
                  “Well … in our society, secrecy is an imperative. It is the one
                 law which we all abide by. You see there’s a lot the public doesn't
                 know; whole worlds hidden from your eyes. It’s like the mother

                 of all conspiracies and just about everyone in power is involved.
                 I’m a dead person just by talking to you, but I’m dying anyway
                 so, you know…” Jaunee explained getting exited herself.
                  “So  is  this  why  you're  doing  this,  confessing,  breaking  the
                 rules, telling us mortals what's really going on?” The interviewer
                  “No actually, you see, in every past instance where — let’s call

                 us the others. I mean, you’ll probably call us supernatural, but
                 we’re not really supernatural. Anyhow, whenever we tried it in
                 the past, it always escalated into a war.”
                  “Whenever you tried revealing the truth?” The interviewer
                  “Oui, whenever anyone tried to reveal the truth; to create a
                 different society, it just didn't work. Humanity can be left-wing
                 liberal until it realizes it’s not at the top of the food chain. The
                 only  time  you’ll  see  the  whole  of  humanity  come  together

                 for a joint cause is when one of us tries to make contact on a
                 grand scale. Swords are drawn and blood is spilled, ours and
                 yours. Besides, it’s not like humanity or the others are unified.
                 In many ways we are just as diverse as you are. There is no
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