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12  Amit Bobrov
                  [Adam…Eve…Lilith…is the bible true?]
                  “Wait, Adam, Lilith? That’s from the bible. Are they real? I

                 mean, is the bible true?” Daina asked, ignoring Jaunee’s focused
                 gaze and the sweat streaming down her brow.
                  “Finally a good question.” Jaunee Began, “Some revelations
                 are true, but they were given to primitive men. You couldn’t
                 really  explain  the  Universe,  Quantum  Physics  and  Advanced
                 Medicine to people who barely know how to start a fire. So you
                 tell them you come from the sky, tell them to be good people,
                 not to murder and steal and to rest every few days. God or Gods
                 exist, It or They are superior beings who desire the wellbeing of

                 inferior lifeforms, like you humans show compassion to dogs
                 and cats, but in a more sophisticated way.”
                  “What about Adam, Eve, Buddha, you know?” Diana asked,
                 trying to understand where science and faith come together.
                  “Some of them are real, though like Greek Mythology fact,
                 parable and fiction came together to form myriad ideas, some
                 of  them  reflecting  the  culture  of  the  time,  others  universal

                 truths.” Jaunee replied.
                  “What about magic?” Diana asked.
                  “Manipulation of the self, others or the environment through
                 ritual or act of will, entirely possible. Shooting fireballs from
                 your fingertips, more of a Hollywood fab.” Jaunee replied.
                  “How do I know any of this is true?” Diana asked.
                  “You conduct research.” Jaunee replied.
                  “Very well, can I ask you about Raymond? He was killed, was
                 he not? Where was your magic then?” The interviewer asked

                  “Oui, he was; and I couldn’t save him. I’m not all-powerful you
                 know…” Jaunee replied sadly.
                  “Will you tell us about it?” The interviewer asked. Jaunee took
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