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The Journals of Raymond Brooks  11
                 thanks….so why did you?" Daina asked.
                  “I was hiding in plain sight, with that whole ‘World's smartest

                 person’ routine. But the fact of the matter is that we are not
                 alone; as in humans are far from being the only sapient species
                 out there. And some things are uninterested in emancipation,
                 peace or even world domination,” Jaunee replied.
                  “So you're telling us this in preparation for … the apocalypse?”
                 The interviewer asked.
                  “It doesn't have to escalate that far. My step-father Raymond;
                 he wrote a Journal as a way to reveal us to the general public —
                 to show that there is no reason to panic; we've lived alongside

                 of  you  since  the  dawn  of  mankind  and  you're  all  still  here
                 thriving. He believes humanity is mature enough to know the
                 truth.” Jaunee explained.
                  “Wait,  are  you  implying  we’ll  be  causing  the  apocalypse?”
                 Daina asked, deeply troubled.
                  “Once  you  know  what's  going  on,  with  your  advanced
                 weaponry, you hold the power and the responsibility to make a

                 difficult choice.” Jaunee explained.
                  "What choice is that?" She asked.
                  "Will you destroy us, then be destroyed by what may come
                 next, or will you stand with us, bravely forging a future. We
                 have so much to offer…I have so much to offer. I can open new
                 horizons for scientific and medical advancement. I can teach
                 you so many things that were lost to the pages of history. I've
                 been to places you couldn't even imagine. The children of Adam
                 and Lilith can finally forge a covenant together. Resolving strife

                 born before our days in the sun. We could have peace!" Jaunee
                 said passionately, and concentrated deeply. While she hated
                 manipulating minds, there was too much at stake. For this to
                 work, the interviewer had to focus on the positive.
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