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10  Amit Bobrov
                 single  government,  or a single  belief system. Most humans
                 would have us all destroyed to maintain the dominance of their

                 species, regardless of the benefits peace offers. I'm sure you
                 can  well-imagine  how  diversity  and  power  conjoin  and  then
                 escalate into chaos and war,” Jaunee said.
                  “So why are you doing this now; escalating the whole world
                 into chaos? Didn't you say you're a peace-loving creature before
                 this interview?” The interviewer asked, angry and frustrated at
                 what she was hearing. A creeping thought entered her head:
                 ‘when the interview is over – destroy the recordings and report
                 this dying teenage girl to someone, anyone. With all due respect

                 to professional integrity, she's not about to throw the stone that
                 would open World War III, just to satisfy her professional pride.
                 A large part of her wanted to disbelieve what she was hearing,
                 and she began to rationalize herself. It's a hoax, orchestrated by
                 a seventeen-year-old girl.
                  "I  sympathize  with  your  feelings,  truly."  Jaunee  said  sadly
                 "However this is no hoax, it's real. I'm not seventeen or seventy

                 or even seven hundred for that matter." Jaunee replied to the
                 thoughts in Daina's head. In turn the interviewer's expression
                 turned to that of a frightened mouse.
                  "Please calm down Ma'am, I had to demonstrate Siddhi, what
                 you would call magic to prove the validity of my claim. I assure
                 you. You will leave this interview very much alive and in good
                 health."  Jaunee  said  and  Daina  calmed  down,  transfixed  by
                 Jaunee's eyes. 'I will leave this interview very much alive' she
                 repeated in her mind.

                  "Where was I?" Daina asked.
                  "You  were  asking  why  I'm  doing  this  interview,  telling  the
                 world what's really going on." Jaunee replied.
                  "Right,  I  kind  of  lost  my  train  of  thought  for  a  moment,
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