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8   Amit Bobrov
                  “Yes Ma’am” replied Jaunee with a slight French accent.
                  “You’re the world’s smartest woman according to the Guinness

                 book of records.” The interviewer said.
                  “So I've been told,” Jaunee replied with a confident smile.
                  “And that you're a scientist, a philanthropist and ah …” The
                 interviewer sighed nervously.
                  “A  thousand-year-old  monster?  It’s  okay.  You  can  say  it.”
                 Jaunee completed the interviewer’s sentence.
                  “You  don't  look  like  a  monster,”  the  interviewer  replied
                  “And I’m not really. I’m just not human but once we get past

                 that,  you’ll  see  I'm  just like  a regular  person.  I mean,  I love
                 coffee in the morning, I do yoga … I’ve also been alive for a very
                 long,  long  time.”  Jaunee  said  cheerfully,  trying  to  dispel  the
                 tense feeling in the air. She could hear the rapid heartbeat of
                 both the interviewer and the cameraman; hear their frightened
                 little thoughts; smell the fear and a dark part of her loved it.
                 She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She must remain

                 here and now, it's her only chance.
                  “So you're immortal?” Asked the interviewer, trying to dispel
                 the tension in the air as well.
                  “Not  for  long,”  replied  Jaunee  with  even  tones,  hiding  her
                 own fears of what she had just admitted. She was dying and
                 there wasn’t much left for her to do, except this … finish what
                 her step-father had begun but never been able to complete.
                  “Would you care to elaborate?"
                  "About my health? Non. Suffice to say that even the immortal,

                 the powerful and the wise cannot elude the touch of death
                 forever. And I have still more to accomplish before I have drunk
                 my fill of the cup of life." Jaunee said then brightened up and
                 added  in  more  cheerful  tones  "So…You've  got  yourself  an
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